General meetings

The DIANA Users Association holds a general meeting of members twice a year.

Lecture Evenings

If possible, every general meeting is combined with a technical meeting (lecture evening). During the lecture evenings DIANA related projects are presented and discussed.

Working Groups

Working groups are initiated by one or more members of the DIANA Users Association to explore new developments and prepare these developments for a possible implementation in DIANA.

No working groups are currently active, but a new working group is currently being set up on extending NLFEA simulations for Safety Formats.

New ideas for working groups can be submitted by email to the secretary.

Users Meetings

The aim of the DIANA Users Meeting is to provide a forum for exchanging experiences with DIANA and for discussing user’s needs. The meeting also offers the possibility to learn more about current and future developments in the DIANA software program. The annual DIANA Users Meeting offers an excellent opportunity to meet the DIANA FEA team and your FEA colleagues from different countries, to exchange experiences and to discuss your challenges. The meeting brings together the international DIANA network in an open, inspiring and encouraging atmosphere.

Due to COVID-19 the 14th International DIANA Users Meeting has been postponed. Please check the Agenda regularly to stay informed.

Project Pitch Awards

DIANA is being used for all kinds of exciting research of construction projects. The DIANA Users Association brings these projects together and invites all DIANA users to send in a project you are proud of. Each project will be presented with a poster and pitched with a 3 minutes presentation during the DIANA Users Meeting.


Every 5 years the DIANA Users Association celebrates its lustrum anniversary with a FEA contest to predict the behaviour of a structure. At the end of the contest, there will be a winner!